Advanced Composite Materials, Inc. serves the aerospace, automotive, motorcycle and medical industries with fiber composite materials

Company Mission

ACM's Company Workers' Mission: We are dedicated to your success.

  • We will... consistently do our best as an ACM representative and professional ambassador of our Mission, Vision and Values
  • We will... consistently perform at the highest level, putting high quality and timely customer service to clients and worksite employees above all else
  • We will... strive to continuously improve upon processes and provide our valued insight to all business challenges and opportunities
  • We will... focus on the identification and resolution of problems and not on placing blame or uncovering individual faults
  • We will... keep an open mind, ready for learning and growing
  • We will... demonstrate and teach our strengths while recognizing and improving upon our weaknesses
  • We will... respect the company and its initiatives, challenging others to understand them when appropriate and challenging ourselves to see the bigger picture when unclear
  • We will... take an active role in understanding and appreciating the needs and expectations of clients and worksite employees while helping the company deliver solutions
  • We will... not make excuses for poor or untimely performance but rather take ownership for our mistakes and immediately remedy the situation
  • We will... work in a organized and professional manner, taking pride in our performance, office environment and personal workspace
  • We will... help others... GET THERE FASTER